11 Fun Gift Ideas For Food Lovers and Foodies

We all have that one friend who knows all the ins and outs of the food scene. They're always taking snaps of their delicious food and making the rest of the world salivate through the screen. Maybe you're that foodie friend!

Here are 11 fun gift ideas for your food loving friend. Click the photos to shop.

Handmade Dumplings Earrings, by Forever Young

Mmm... dumplings. If you and your foodie BFF find yourselves always craving Yum Cha, you'll definitely love these handmade dumpling earrings!

Tiny Tasty Taco Plush, by MiniatureMonkeyCreations

Want to taco 'bout your taco obsession? This little taco cutie is ready to find a forever home where his new owners will love him unconditionally. He's not as edible as the real thing, but he'll still make your day!

Yummy Sushi Clutch Pouch, by alittlegeeky

Sushi fan? We got you covered. This zipper clutch pouch is perfect for storing your secret stash of cash so you can sneak out and dine at your local sushi train. Sashimi for days!

Mr and Mrs Little Bread Slice Plush, by champuchinito

Never underestimate the power of a well-baked loaf of bread. These two little love-breads will bring a smile to anyones day. It makes a cute gift for a loved one – just team it up with a card that says "I Loaf You". Ba-dum tss.

Popcorn Bar Baskets, by SweetLaneEvents

Having a movie night in? These popcorn bar baskets are a fun way to ensure everyone gets their favorite popped-kernels of choice. Pop in a DVD, pop some popcorn and have a poppin' night. They're also great for weddings and events.

Pizza and Slice Hand Carved Rubber Stamp, by SweetSpotStampShop

No foodie is complete without their pizza. Forget hand-signing your letters. Sign them off instead with a signature pizza stamp.

iPhone 6/6s Share a Pizza Phone Case, by caseyard

And if you have a friend that you like sharing pizza with, you'll love this BFF phone case. Pizza for everyone!

Two Rice Bowls with Chopsticks, by BlueSkyPottery

Here's something that's a little more functional – a beautifully crafted rice bowl that perfectly holds your chopsticks! It comes in a set of two so you can have a nice night in with your favorite noodles or rice dish.

Custom Cheese or Cutting Board, by DymantDesigns

Every cheese lover needs their own personalized cheese board, let's be honest. Get their name monogrammed in this natural bamboo board and let the cheese tasting begin...

Embroidery Candybar Wrapper Downloadable Pattern, by EmbroideryIt

Candybar holders are a thing. Make your own with EmbroideryIt's downloadable design! Your chocolate bars will become more of a treat.

Kitchen Mixer Foodie Charm Necklace, by SAjolie

Everyone has a baker enthusiast in their life. This precious charm necklace features a kitchen mixer and an initialized charm, making it a wonderful gift for that friend that loves making their own delicious delights.


Mmm... looking at all these fun food gift ideas sure does make the stomach rumble. Time to go out and find a good meal.

What's your favourite cuisine/food that you just can't live without? Let us know in the comments.

Bon appetit! 😊

Featured item: Handmade Small Corn Earrings by Forever Young.

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