11 Inspirational Quotes & Designs To Make Your Day Brighter

Sometimes we all need a word of encouragement to get through the daily challenges of life. To make the most out of your potential, why not hang an artistic quote in your office to get yourself motivated? Or even have a charm that works as a daily reminder to keep moving forward?

Here are 11 inspirational quotes made special by our talented Zibbet sellers! Click the photos to shop the items!

'Life Is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First' Chalk Board Art, by AnnaSee

I love this quote. It's a beautiful metaphor about how we should do the things we enjoy in life rather rather than mope in the mundane. So if you're a dessert lover, go eat your desserts first!

'One day at a time' Recovery Bracelet, by SAjolie

This silver plated charm bracelet is a thoughtful gift. For some, every day can be a challenge. This charm is an encouraging reminder to tackle life one day at a time and enjoy the little moments.

Be Kind Handmade Scroll Necklace, by SoulSongCreations

Written on this authentic scroll necklace are the words, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." I love these words. Though we may feel like our troubles are heavy, we aren't alone.

Be Kind Handmade Scroll Necklace, by inkofme

If you've been postponing your life dreams it's time to make SOMEDAY become TODAY! This typography print by inkofme is a great piece to hang in your office as a way to motivate you to start chasing your dreams. There's no better day to start than today!

Don't Forget Your Inner Child – Printable Art, by EchoesOfInspiration

There's nothing wrong with being a little childish! If it's been a while since you've let go of all your inhibitions and responsibilities and just play in some mud. Remember, the creative adult is the child who survived.

Life doesn't have to be Perfect – Artwork, by Mum and Me Handmade Designs

In this day and age, we're bombarded with images of the 'perfect life'. But you know what? So what if you don't have the latest high-end fashion wardrobe. So what if your partner doesn't do the dishes. Make the most of your life, because it's the little things that make life wonderful.

Beach & Sea Glass Keychain, by earthlietreasures

A shell in your hand and some sand in your toes will make you feel high above the clouds. To me, this quote is about living with a positive mindset. If you need a little encouragement to be more positive and lively, this beach-inspired keychain is the perfect self-love gift.

Embroidered Canvas Wall Hanging - Make Something, by BeCraftHappy

This embroidered canvas art is a must for any creatives out there. I love the different crafty tools that BeCraftHappy has embroidered. If you need more motivation to keep making and creating, this is it!

Stop Waiting for Things to Happen – Inspirational Print, by HeidisHubbub

They say that good things come to those who wait... well, why wait when you can make those good things happen today? No more twiddling thumbs! Go out there and make your dreams come true, 'coz you deserve it!

'If You Can Dream It You Can Do It' Print, by WhitePrintDesign

Whatever your dreams may be, you can make it happen. This quote by Walt Disney is proof of that. Hang this minimalist typographic quote in your office as a daily reminder that you've got this!

Love Print Letterpress Style, by WilliamLeeHolt

Let's not forget that LOVE is a powerful emotion that can change lives! WilliamLeeHolt has hand printed this romantic quote in a letterpress style, giving it a touch of traditional Japanese authenticity. Hang it up and be reminded that love is all you need.


Are you inspired to tackle the rest of your day? I always think it's a great idea to hang an inspirational quote that really resonates with you in your workspace. It's a great motivational push to remind you why you're doing what you're doing.

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra that keeps you inspired? Share them in the comments and let's spread some positive vibes!

Featured item: 'Be Brave, Be Strong, Be You' Monochrome Print by Mum and Me Handmade Designs.

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