12 Creative Ways To Say 'I Love You'

The words 'I love you' hold a significant meaning, but after a while it might become like a distant whisper in the wind. Finding new and creative ways to express love for your partner will bring back an air of excitement in your relationship. It also challenges you to think outside the box and spend quality time doing something for each other.

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves." – Victor Hugo

Here are 12 creatives ways to say 'I Love You' to that special someone. Like what you see? You can click the photos to shop!

1. Organise a romantic picnic

Pack up your finest champagne flutes and a bottle of bubbles! Having a romantic picnic by the river, beachside or harbor is a great way to spend time with your loved one. Nothing says "I love you" quite like quality time spent together. You can also bring a board game to jazz things up during your picnic!

Vintage Gingham Picnic Basket, by CasaKarmaDecor

No good picnic is without a reliable picnic basket! This vintage one from CasaKarmaDecor is perfect for storing your delectable picnic

2. Make them hot cocoa topped with marshmallows and pop in their favorite movie

If your partner is a home body, why not make them a hot cup of their favorite drink and pop in their favorite DVD (or Netflix and chill)? Cozy up by the fireplace or in bed and enjoy a quiet night in.

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix (Made To Order), by GiftsFromTheKitchen

We all love a warm cup of hot cocoa topped with fluffy marshmallows. Go for a homemade hot cocoa mix for extra authenticity (and maybe try your hand at making your own marshmallows)!

3. Bake them some edible delights (because food is good)

Speaking of making and baking... nothing warms the heart more than a stomach full of yummy goodies. Bake your loved one their favorite treat! Cupcakes and muffins are an easy go-to and they'll always look delectable topped with icing.

12 Light Pink Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers, by GetThePartyStarted

Give your cupcakes some color with fun wrappers! GetThePartyStarted sells a range of cupcake wrappers in various colors that'll give your baked goods that extra pop.

4. Create a scrapbook of shared memories

It's always heartwarming looking back in time. Capture shared memories in a DIY scrapbook! Not only is it super personalized, but it's something you'll definitely enjoy putting together too. You can put in photos, quotes, love letters and more! How your scrapbook looks will lie entirely in your creative hands.

Mini Anniversary Scrapbook Photo Album, by KristabellaCreations

The trick to getting your scrapbook looking sublime is to pick a good base. A ring-binded book makes creating your scrapbook easier and you'll always be able to insert more memories as time goes on.

5. Write a personalized love letter

A personalized love letter is a simple but super effective way to say "I love you". Sometimes it can be hard to express how you feel about someone verbally. Taking time to sit down and write how you feel with a paper and pen is a great way to show your love, especially if you're hoping to start a new romance with that crush of yours (good luck) 😉!

You can write your love letter on a blank sheet of paper, but you can also go the extra mile and write your heart on a card! Check out QuqlaPrintables for more card designs that you can download instantly and print from home.

You Had Me At Hello Printable Greeting Card, by QuqlaPrintables

6. Write special notes and place them in inconspicuous places

Get your sticky notes out! This is a fun way to jazz up your relationship. Write little notes for your loved one and leave them around the house in inconspicious places. Think about the places that they go to the most (e.g. the bathroom cabinet, the bedside table, the lightswitch of a lamp, the rearview mirror of the car...) and leave the notes there.

Handmade Wooden Mechanical Pencil, by cgw

Write your little love notes in style with this stylish mechanical pencil, handmade using spalted ork wood.

7. Get them personalized jewelry that matches their personality

If your partner loves gifts, then this is definitely a wonderful way to show your love for them! Get them a personalized jewelry piece that they'll cherish forever. Take special note in their style – maybe they're into classic and minimalistic fashion. Or perhaps they prefer the boho style.

Personalized Wire Name Bracelet, by she

Some fun things to put on personalized jewelry includes names (like the name bracelet above), quotes, coordinates and even photos!

8. Knit them something cozy

Spending time making something for someone speaks volumes of love. Try your hand at knitting them something cozy to wear! You can always look for easy knitting patterns if you're a beginner (scarves are always the go-to) or if you're feeling brave, go for gloves and a matching beanie!

Hand Dyed Yarn, by ShadesofLight2

ShadesofLight2 sells a range of beautifully hand dyed yarn – perfect for your handmade knitted gift to your loved one.

9. Write them a song or learn to play their favorite song

Serenade your loved one with a self-written song (if you're feeling extra creative) or learn to play their favorite song on a musical instrument! For those that are not so musically inclined, it can be a BIG surprise if you were to suddenly whip out a ukulele and knock them over with your angelic voice 😍

Guitar Pick Necklace, by cmkreations

Let's be honest, being serenaded to is pretty romantic. Regardless of whether you've got the vocal chops or not, at least you can always throw the "I pick you" pun as a backup plan.

10. Create a mixtape for them (or Spotify playlist, since we are in the digital age and all)

If you don't think your loved one will be impressed with your singing ability – no problem. Create a mixtape or music playlist for them instead! This is a great idea for new romances to help get to know one another's musical taste.

Handmade Leather Earphone Organizer, by ES Corner

Make their life easier by giving them a cord organizer so they'll never have to go through the hassle of untangling pesky earphones again!

11. Make a physical photo collage and frame it

Print out some of your favorite photos together and turn them into a little photo collage that you can frame! To make it extra special, you can put in a little inside joke or quote that truly represents your relationship.

Steampunk Picture Frame, by From The Perch

Choose a unique frame to capture your relationship! Also, think about the size of the frame – will you expect the frame to go up on a feature wall? Or do you want something small to put on a bedside table?

12. Book a surprise getaway or staycation

Ahhh. Nothing is as relaxing as getting away from it all and having a nice weekend getaway. Book a surprise trip for you and your loved one. You can go for a short camping trip in the forest, a beach stay at a nice apartment or even a staycation at your favorite hotel.

Handmade Leather Backpack, by InCarne

Pack all you need (+ a good book) for a weekend staycation with this gorgeous leather backpack handmade with care by InCarne.


So, are you ready to say "I love you" in a creative way! If so, hopefully this post gave you some fun ideas!

Let us know the most romantic thing you've done to let someone know you loved them! Share it with us in the comments.

Have a romantic day! ❤️

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