13 Works of Art that will make you want to whip out your canvas

Observing and deciphering art is always a fun activity. Art allows you to make personal connections and feel emotions. It's subjective and creative. Whether you're an artist or just an observer, there is something in art for everyone.

After all, you know what they say... "Earth without art is just 'eh'."

Check out these 13 amazing artworks that are a true testament to the artists (who let's be honest, have more talent in their pinky finger than my entire hand combined). Click the photos to shop the art!

"Lonely Boat" Oil on Canvas Original, by KostasArt

This paradisal art by KostasArt depicts a lonely boat on the gulf of Porto Rafti in Greece. You can almost feel the coastal air and soft laps of the Aegean Sea blanket the shore.

Venice River and Gondola Original Watercolor Painting 8x10, by madareli

Keeping in theme with the gorgeous European landscapes, this beautiful watercolor painting by madareli captures the beauty of Venice. Splashed with bright reds and yellows, it's not impossible to imagine sitting on a gondola and tenderly navigating the Italian canals.

"Gate To Fall" Framed Oil Painting, by HforH

Feelin' some major autumnal vibes from this lush oil painting by HforH! This amazing artwork comes framed and signed by the artist, making it a perfect addition to any feature wall.

"The Red Branches" Acrylic Painting, by color8

Another fiery piece, this acrylic painting titled "The Red Branches" has a magical feeling like a skyline on fire. Isn't it amazing how little splodges on a canvas can create magic?

Winter Waterwheel Original Fine Art Painting, by SheekydoodleCreations

If your happy place involves wintertime snow and nature, then you'll love this beautiful fine art painting by Joyce Sheek (SheekydoodleCreations). It's definitely a wonderful winter scene!

"Gentleness" Original Oil on Canvas, by Evelina

😱 HOW AMAZING IS THIS PAINTING?! This magnifcent oil on canvas painting titled "Gentleness" captures all the intricate details of this white mare. A must for the equestrian lovers.

Fox Pup Pencil Original Painting 8x10, by Sandrinesgallery

😱 EQUALLY AMAZING. Look at all the tiny little fur details on this fox pup!

"The Eagle Nebula" Space Landscape Acrylic Painting, by Egilpatr

Just in case you want a reminder that there's actually life beyond our little blue-green planet... this mind-blowing acrylic painting by Egilpatr depicts an amazing space landscape that'll spark your imagination.

"The Storm" Abstract Expressionism Print, by AnnaSee

Realism is nice, but there's just something stirring when it comes to abstract art. This expressionist print by Anna See is titled "The Storm". Using gloomy and heavy colors, it can evoke emotions of frustration, sadness, chaos and beauty. What do you take from this piece?

"#4" Abstract Painting, by katiebrown

How about an abstract painting with a dash of shimmer? Katie Brown uses metallic silver leafing to give her abstract work that extra something special.

"Egis" 18x12 Print, by Sunshine Jo Art

For something really vibrant and colorful, this patterned print by Sunshine Jo Art is the way to go!

"Woman I" Oil on Canvas, by ArtIs

Color, culture and female empowerment? Yes please! This vibrant oil on canvas artwork will make a statement piece in any home.

"My Daughter" Oil Painting on Fiberboard, by mikexu1975

I absolutely love this piece by Mike Xu! There's something incredibly endearing about this oil painting titled "My Daughter" (of I assume is literally, his daughter). You can just tell his passion for oil painting in each brush stroke! Check out more of Mike's work on his Zibbet store and prepare to be amazed!


Did you enjoy these 13 works of art? Has it inspired a yearning within you to whip out the canvas and get painting? If so, you should totally go do it! Art is all about expression and it'll be therapeutic to get your heart on canvas.

Are you an artist eager to share their work? Share it with us in the comments below!

Have a creative day! 😊

Featured item: Landscape Sunset Oil on Canvas Painting by Mastehin.

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