15 Spring Activities Everyone Can Enjoy

Spring is the best time to shake off the winter blues and get out in the great outdoors. The saplings are emerging, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and it's time to do some fun things.

Here's a list of 15 spring activities everyone can enjoy! Tick them off your list 🙂 You can click the photos to shop the items.

1. Plant something

Assorted Succulents, by WonderFlower

Get your spades out because spring is the perfect season to get your thumbs green! NASA has done a study to find the best air purifying plants for your home which includes the Peace Lily and English Ivy. If you're new to the plant life, why not start off with something easy to take care of like a succulent?

2. Spot a rainbow

Handmade Nyan Cat Scarf, by CraftOtaku

Ahh, there's nothing more peaceful than the sound of rain hitting the earth. See if you can spot a rainbow during the Spring season, or take the kids out to have a splash in a puddle (with their gumboots on, of course).

3. Plan a spring break

Nautical Passport Case Pouch, by CapeHaven

There's so many beautiful destinations to travel to during the Spring season. Book yourself a holiday – whether it's to Europe to see the gorgeous tulips in The Netherlands, or somewhere local with a glimmering lake, there's something magical in the air during this season.

4. Fly a kite

The Wasp Giclee Paper Print Print, by carolthompson

Take the kids out to the park or beach to fly a kite! It's a nice and relaxing activity that the whole family can enjoy. If you're feeling crafty, why not step it up a notch and try making your own kites to fly?

5. Have a picnic with friends

Picnic Fold Up Placemats, by CreationbyDJ

Dust off your old picnic basket in the basement and get it ready for a family outing. Jazz up the ocassion with special napkins, placemats and cutlery. Don't forget to bring a bottle of bubbles!

6. Create some art

Colorful Flower Watercolor Art, by LightheartedDreamer

If you're looking for a way to destress this Spring, then art is a fun way to do so. Grab yourself some watercolor paints and create a work of art! This is an activity that anyone can enjoy, just let your imagination and creativity lead the way.

7. Throw a spring-themed party

Sunflower Wedding Invitation, by Out The Box Creative

Want to get the gang together but don't know what to do? Throw a spring-themed party. Celebrate love, sunshine and friendships.

8. Go for a nature hike

Be Hiking White Vinyl Sticker, by becreations

For the adventure-types, plan a nice hike along the coast or in the forest. Bring a small picnic for longer day-hikes and don't forget your camera to take some happy snaps!

9. Ride a bike

"Beside The Little Red House" Bicycle Polaroid Photograph, by AliciaBock

Give your car a rest and take in the great outdoors by going on a relaxing bike ride. Not only is it nice to feel the Spring breeze against your cheeks, but it'll get your body moving and make you feel happy.

10. Go for a swim at the beach

Metal Starfish Wrap Bracelet, by Seaside Simplicity

As the weather warms up, the beach beckons. Pack your bathing suits and take a trip to your favorite beach this Spring. It'll be nice to feel the sand between your toes and the waves lap against your legs.

11. Watch the birds

Blue Stellars Jay Photo Card, by SteiderStudios

Take a moment to notice the nature around you. Maybe there's a migratory bird that's in your part of the world for Spring! Just imagine all the different places the birds have been to around the globe.

12. Shop for vintage items

Upcycled Mistmatched Key Earrings, by TheFabFleaMarket

Flea markets will start popping up this time of the year. Go find yourself a bargain at your local market or browse through the Zibbet marketplace for some unique vintage finds!

13. Take photos of cherry blossom trees

Cherry Blossom Nature Photography, by SeeLifeShine

... Or any tree, for that matter! If you've never given a good go at photography, why not start now? Nature is a great subject for photos.

14. Go stargazing

"Under Starry Skies" Star Photography, by Marcus W Reinkensmeyer Photography

Visit your nearest observatory or pack up your tent for a night of stargazing. You don't have to go out in the middle of no where, you can set up camp in your own backyard!

15. Sit at a café and write

Handmade Leather Notebook, by wisecrow

When's the last time you sat at a café to collect your thoughts? Set aside some time this season to really enjoy your soy latté and reflect on your life, dreams and goals.


I hope you got some great ideas for things to do this Spring. Whatever you choose to do, make it memorable.

Do you have any must-do spring activities? Share them with us in the comments!

Happy spring lovin'! 🌿
Leonie xo.

Featured item: Spring Flowers Photo Print by Elysia's Photography.

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