3 Easy Ways to Bring Minimalism Into Your Lifestyle

Do you find that you always end up purchasing unnecessary things that just kind of sit back and collect dust? Then maybe it's time to bring a little sprinkle of a minimalist mindset into your lifestyle.

Minimalism is different for everyone. For one person, it might mean living life with only a few items. For another, it might mean a de-cluttered space. For someone else, it could mean being a minimalist in one area of life, but a hoarder in another. Anyone from all walks of life can practice minimalism in simple ways.

Here are 3 easy ways that you can bring minimalism into your lifestyle. If you like the items, click them to shop!

1. Go easy on the crazy colors and opt for simple monochromatic designs.

Set of 2 Decorative Cushion Covers, by pillowlink

Basic decor items like sofas, cushions and sheets don't need to be crazy colorful. Choose neutral colors that don't draw too much attention. The attention should be on items that give your room a little sprinkle of color – like plants and art!

Glass Geometric Terrarium Cube, by wonderflower

Add succulents and greenery to your room to balance out your neutral aesthetic. Not only will it bring a little life and color to your decor, but it'll also provide fresh oxygen and inspiration!

"Richmond Sunset" Nature Painting, by succulencestudio

With art, anything goes. Be mindful though, of how many pieces you hang on your wall as you don't want it to get too busy with patterns and colors. Watercolor sunsets and nature photography are subtle ways to give a buzz to a neutral interior.

2. Clean out your jewelry collection and keep a few that exude simplicity and elegance.

It's easy to buy jewelry, wear it a few times and then completely forget it at the bottom of your jewelry box. Sometimes buying classic jewelry pieces rather than outlandish pieces is better – simply because it's easier to match with any outfit. Minimalistic jewelry also tends to exude elegance without having to do much.

Hybrid Concrete & Wood Pendant Necklace, by mbbconcrete

If you do like a bit of uniqueness to garnish your outfit, go for interesting materials with a simple design. Try to avoid crazy designs with cheap materials because they'll only end up broken, unused and unloved.

Dainty Beaded Necklace, by anaki

There's nothing more classy than a simple gold chain necklace. It'll turn a plain t-shirt into a catwalk worthy outfit.

Simple Minimalist Bracelet, by stts

A simple gold bracelet can add elegance to an outfit with a snap of a finger. To stay on trend, wear it over a long-sleeve jumper or pair it up with a minimal watch.

3. Focus on quality and functionality – not the price tag.

No matter the sales or how "cheap" an item may be, think about whether or not you would still buy the item if it were two times more expensive. This will help curb unnecessary spending habits and you're more likely to end up with a select few items that you truly love and appreciate.

High Quality Leather Shoulder/Tote Bag by genuinemyself

When shopping, always look for high quality materials. You want to be able to have an item that will last as long as possible (for a lifetime, even) but still be trendy and in-style for years to come.

Set of 2 Minimalist Wallet and Coin Pouch by nautiloboutique

Think about the things you really need and how you can minimalize your lifestyle to accomodate them! Like, do you really need a wallet with 20 card slots?

Vegan Leather Minimalist Triangle Clutch by mezayugbo

Minimalism is also about lessening your impact on the environment. Choosing materials that are are eco-friendly can also help shape your consumer decisions and curb shop-a-holic tendencies for the better!

BONUS TIP: Try some popular decluttering methods to help you get started on your minimalism journey.

Here's one that I like: The "Four Box Method". Get 4 large boxes and label them with the following:

  • Put Away
  • Give Away
  • Throw Away
  • Undecided

    Every time you start cleaning, think about the items that have been collecting dust on your shelves or wardrobe. Are you able to put them away or sell them for a reasonable price? If not, perhaps you could give it away to charity. If it's totally unusable, then trash it/recycle it.

    Another fun way to start de-cluttering is: with every new item you buy, try throw out/give away two items you already own!

    Some other popular methods include The Konmari Method and The Minimalist Game. If you're interested in decluttering your lifestyle, then I hope these methods will start you off on your journey!


    Do you have any good minimalism and de-cluttering tips? Let us know in the comments! And if you specialize in minimalist design that'll transform lives, then feel free to share them with us too.

    Happy de-cluttering! 😊

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