5 Essentials To Create The Ultimate Office Space

If one of your resolutions for the year is to be more productive, a great place to start is to feel comfortable in your office space! A complete renovation of your space can spark creativity and the more you love your office, the more you'll want to be in it.

Here are 5 essentials to create the ultimate office space of your dreams! Click the photos to shop!

1. Furniture that fits all your office needs

The most basic essential to getting your office space right is the furniture. You'll want your furniture to be of good quality so it lasts through all your hustling endeavours, coffee stains and late night deadlines.

Reclaimed Doug Fir Desk, by BohemianWorkbench

Find yourself a trustworthy desk that'll fit all your office needs. You can go for the clinical looking standard white desk, or you can jazz it up with a wooden top for a more eclectic and rustic aesthetic.

Modern Coffee Table, by Philosophy With A Hammer

If your office is big enough, a coffee table can be a great addition to your space. A small break out area in your office is great for when you feel like working somewhere else but can't get to a café in time.

Quadruple Sheepskin Carpet Rug, by herd-store

A small sofa can also add a more casual feel to your office. After all, you don't want your office to feel like a cold corporate space. Sofa's are also great for casual meetings! Don't forget to add a comfy rug so you can kick off your shoes and relax after a marathon project.

2. Artwork that inspires

There's no better way to brighten your office space and give it personality than with artwork.

Texture Palette Abstract Painting, by MatthewHamblen

For a more classy look, go for artwork with texture. Paintings are a great go-to if you want that textured aesthetic. Additionally, pick out an artwork that's a little abstract as it'll spark your imagination!

Blue Mountain Scenic Nature Print, by My Little Print Shop

If you find that you often find inspiration when you're out and about in nature, then there's no better choice than a print that captures that same inspiration. A large photograph print of your favourite place or natural element will brighten up your office instantly.

3. Vision boards and wall planners

Get your head in the game with vision boards, wall planners and chalkboards. They're essential for planning especially if you're working with a team.

Cork Bulletin Message Board and Shelf, by FitzWoodys

Cork boards are a great way to pin up inspirational ideas and pictures to keep you motivated throughout the workday.

Table Wood Chalkboard, by MaderaNueve

Add a small chalkboard to your desk and write down your daily to-do list in the morning. As you complete each task, tick it off! Alternatively, you can write a daily quote to keep you motivated.

Chalkboard Wall Calendar, by WilsonGraphics

A large wall calendar is a great way to keep your monthly schedule in check (and it's super handy if you're working with a larger team)!

4. Plants and greenery

Not only are plants pleasing to the eye, they're also great for giving your brain extra oxygen and stimulation. Gotta get that oxygen into ya!

Glass Geometric Terrarium Village, by WonderFlower

Terrariums are all the rage these days and it's no wonder why! They're incredibly good looking and a unique alternative to your standard succulent pot plant. You can add anything you want to your terrarium – make it into your own little mini world!

Unique Wall Vase Test Tube, by AndrewsReclaimed

You can also pick out fresh flowers each morning and put it into a simple vase. Not only will it give your office that fresh fragrance, but it'll give it life! It'll also make a nice morning routine to pop down to your local floralist or take a stroll through the garden.

5. Unique but simple office supplies and storage

And finally... it's not an office without some killer office supplies!

Minimalist Macbook Case, by InCarne

For those who like to have your office on the go, a durable laptop case or wallet is a definite must!

Mr Hedgehog Pen Holder, by CamerataCraftShop

Store your pens and pencils in style with a pencil holder that sparks your creativity and fits your overall office aesthetic.

Set of White Striped Shelves, by Hypnotic

If you're running low on storage space in your office, start looking towards the walls! Wall shelves are great for saving floor space and eliminating clunky office furniture.


So, are you inspired to get up and create your ultimate office space?

Let us know in the comments what are some of your must have office essentials!

Until next time!

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