7 Halloween Decorations to Spook Up Your Home

Boo! Halloween is just around the corner! To get you ready for the spooky festivities, we've found 7 Halloween decoration items that'll give your home a terrific makeover.

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Halloween Witch Kit, by QueenBe

Bring it back in time with this handmade vintage witches kit. It's complete with everything a witch needs – magic potion vials, a book of chants and spells, feathers, keys and more!

Ceramic Jack O Lantern, by designsbycherylk

Halloween isn't Halloween without a carved pumpkin... but perhaps your arm muscles are a little too sore to carve it up yourself. In that case, this ceramic Jack O Lantern is the ultimate choice. Chuck a candle in there and light up the night come every Halloween.

Little Halloween Ghost, by Burning River Arts

Okay, so perhaps this little cherub isn't spooky enough but it certainly is a cutie! Sporting a ghost costume and trick or treat bag in hand, this little Halloween ghost fits right in with the festivities.

Dead Fairy in a Jar, by BohemianCraftWorks

Oh no! Someone trapped this unfortunate fairy in a jar and things didn't end up so well... but it's definitely an intriguing decor item with the wispy purple hair and wings!

Halloween Trick or Treat Mini Birdhouses, by ABCbirdhouses

These little trick or treat birdhouses are adorable! They make the perfect embellishments to put around the house. Careful that you don't attract too many bats though...

Halloween Lollipop Holder Design, by EmbroideryIt

Give the trick or treaters something special with their candy. This Halloween lollipop holder is a wonderful way to go all out with the spooky celebration! The design comes as a digital download, so get your crafty hands ready!

Skeleton Zombie, by zedszombieranch

Oh, you know, I'm just chillin' here with my bones out... This handmade steel skeleton zombie is just going about his day but he's sure ready to give a spook when he's ready!


Did you like these 7 Halloween decorations? Let me know, or share some of your favorite Halloween items in the comments!

Hope you're having a lovely day! 😊

Featured item: "Reluctant Ghosts" – Watercolor Print by WillClarkArt.

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