7 Tips & Tricks to Get Ready For Easter

The key to a smooth Easter festivity (or any festivity, really) is to have ample time for prep work! If you want to do something special this Easter but seem stumped for ideas, fret not.

Here are 7 tips and tricks to help spark some ideas for Easter. Click the items to shop.

1. Keep the kids busy with fun Easter activities

Spend some time with the kids this Easter. Organizing activities like an Easter egg hunt, easy craft projects and outdoor games will bring endless fun for the entire family.

Personalized Easter Basket and Liner, by MoreThanAStitch

To make an Easter egg hunt more exciting, get a personalized basket! MoreThanAStitch sells custom Easter baskets and liners in different colors and embroidery designs

2. Use jars to decorate the house

Jars are a great and inexpensive way to brighten up your home décor this Easter. You can use them as flower vases or to put chocolate Easter eggs inside. If you're feeling extra creative, why not mix together a delicious fruit punch and use the jars as a decorative mug? Don't forget to top it off with a frilly straw.

Handmade Mason Jar Flower Vase, by Creations by Gina

Turn a plain mason jar into something spectacular with some twine and a label, just like Creations by Gina has done. It makes for a perfect flower vase that'll not only give a touch of life into your home for Easter, but all throughout Spring too.

3. Make your own Easter egg decorations

If you love your arts and craft, why not make your own Easter eggs? Set aside some time after work to knit, stitch and glue your own egg creation. For those who lack the crafting skills, you could also just boil some eggs and paint them with non-toxic paint. Unleash your inner creativity!

Set of 3 Easter Crochet Eggs, by NatkaLV

These handmade crochet Easter eggs by by NatkaLV are great for decorating your house or office with!

If you're feeling adventurous, you can make your own. Stuff them with rice grains or foam rubber and not only will you have pretty Easter decorations, but you'll also have a nice little stress reliever when times get tough.

4. Burlap is great for dining settings

If you're thinking of having a family get together this Easter, you'll want to set the table nicely. Burlap is a great material to bring out that springtime feel that's perfect for Easter festivities too.

Square Burlap Tablecloth With Ruffles, by Wedding Mate

A big burlap tablecloth with lace detailing can do a lot to set the scene. Add fresh flowers in a vase to really enhance that the Spring atmosphere.

5. Turn simple treats into themed treats

You don't have to go out of your way to bake an out-of-this-world bunny shaped cake. Bake some simple cupcakes and dress them up with handmade toppers! Some colored paper, scissors and toothpicks can go a long way. Don't be afraid to experiment with different materials too.

12 Flower Cupcake Toppers, by millalove

These floral cupcake toppers by millalove are a fun example of how you can turn a plain frosted cupcake into something vibrant and amazing.

6. Get into the Easter spirit by accessorizing

Instead of a regular Easter party, why not jazz things up and make it a dress-up event? Planning out an Easter-themed outfit complete with accessories is a fun way to get people excited.

White Bunny Rabbit Ears Hat, by qutewear

If you love the idea of dressing up but don't want to go all out, this bunny hat is the solution! Made from soft fleece, it's great for dressing up and getting into the Easter spirit.

7. Don't forget your little bunny friend

Lastly, no Easter is quite complete without some bunny to love. Whether you want to make your own or purchase one that's been handmade with love, a soft bunny friend is a must, especially for the little ones.

Blue Bunny Rabbit Baby Plush, by bbsforbabies

This bunny by bbsforbabies is made with cotton and works great as a plush or a pillow. Look – he's even holding his own bunny friend!


So, did we spark some ideas for your Easter festivities?

Let us know what you're planning on doing this Easter – whether it's something low key or a big bash!

Happy egg-painting! 🐣

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