7 Ways to Pick Yourself Up When You're Feeling Down

Tough day? Tough week? Tough month? Sometimes life can get the best of us – it happens to everyone. We just need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and find the positive in the negative.

Ready to turn the frown upside down? Here are 7 ways to pick yourself up when you're feeling down. Click the items to shop.

1. Make yourself a warm drink

Wrap yourself up in a warm blanket and have a mug of your favorite hot beverage. It's like giving yourself a much needed hug!

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This sofa arm placemat is a great way to keep your mugs by your side. If you're not much of a hot beverage kind of person, try some warm water with a dash of squeezed lemon.

2. Play some happy music

Did you know that listening to feel-good music can make your brain release dopamine – a motivational chemical?

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Remind yourself to always be surrounded by music that makes you feel good. These wooden music note earrings will help you do exactly that. When you're feeling up to it, try and play your favorite tunes on an instrument!

If you're stuck for music, check out this Mood Booster playlist on Spotify.

3. Do some crafts and express yourself

Sometimes all it takes to get rid of our melancholy feelings is a creative art session. There's so much going on in our minds, why not make the most of it?

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If you're not savvy in art, you can start with a simple scrapbook. WoodenStuffCrafts has a handy scrapbooking paper pack that will help you on your creative journey. Use it to express your thoughts and once they're down on paper, leave them there. Your mind will have space for you to engulf it with positivity!

4. Read your favorite book

Need to distract your mind for a bit? Pick up your favorite book and give it a read. It'll take you to another world and is a healthy form of escapism.

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It's a beautiful feeling picking up a vintage book – it's like taking a step back in time. Take a look at these vintage book pages from Louis L'amour (you can even incorporate them into your scrapbook)!

5. Browse the Internet

If reading isn't your thing, the Internet is a wonderful place to escape to. Watch your favorite TV series, dabble in some fan-fiction or join a discussion on a public forum!

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The great thing is (like this t-shirt states), there's so much internet and so little time. Before you know it, you'll be watching funny cat videos and your mood will be instantly lifted.

6. Catch up with friends

It's all well and good to stay at home and have some alone time when you're feeling down... but make a note to call up a friend for a catch up. Socializing is good!

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If you're not feeling completely up to it, just pick up your phone and give your best mate a call. It can make a world of difference.

7. Do some light exercise

Do yourself a massive favor and get your body moving! Exercise releases those healthy happy chemicals into your brain. Not only will you feel happy afterwards, but you'll feel healthier too.

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Add a little retail therapy by buying a select few exercise pieces to get you motivated for your exercise!


So, ready to turn that frown upside down? We hope these tips will give you the push you need to surround yourself with positive thoughts.

Let us know what you do to pick yourself up when you're feeling down!

Be happy – you deserve it! ❤️

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