8 Fabulous Gift Ideas For The Creative Crafter

It's only a month until Christmas! How the time flies, right? It's time to get the Christmas presents in order and ready to put under the tree. To celebrate the crafters in our life, why not give something fabulously crafty? After all... crafter's gonna craft (and 'tis the season to do so)!

Check out these 8 gift ideas for the creative crafter! Click the photos to shop!

Chakpur Sand Mandala Making Tools, by BohemArt

There's nothing cooler than a DIY gift for the craft lover. This mandala tool kit is all you need to start off a new fun project. It comes with a copper funnel, wooden stick, handmade storage textile bag and 6 pots of vibrant colored sand! You can even get the copper funnel personalized, making it the perfect DIY gift.

Removable Stitch Markers, by 100creations

Knitters and crocheters will love these removable stitch markers! They'll never have to lose a stitch ever again. Handmade from polymer clay, they'll fit a size 7 knitting needle.

'Mama's Therapy' Watercolor Print, by WillClarkArt

Knitting sure is therapeutic and this watercolor print knows it! Give the knitter in your life this gorgeous print. WillClarkArt has dedicated this painting to his mother who raised 10 children (!!!) which is a pretty impressive feat.

Wire Crochet Yarn Basket Pendant, by CatsWire

This little basket pendant is way too adorable! Made with wire, it's perfect for the crochet/knitting enthusiast. This pendant is crocheted with silver wire and contains small wire yarn balls and a scarf in the midst of being knitted.

Handy Tools Silicone Mould, by NatashaScrapbooKorner

Take your handy crafting tools everywhere with this handy tools silicone mould. Make an array of moulds for every purpose – whether it be crafting with clay or making fun little soaps!

Owl Bead Charm Bracelet Beads, by icreating

There's nothing that speaks to a crafters heart more than endless craft supplies. These owl bead bracelet beads are just some of the beautiful supplies that icreating has to offer on her Zibbet store!

Craft Lovers Bear Chair Vignette, by AllAboutTheButtons

This combo set by AllAboutTheButtons comes with all the materials that a craft lover will need to start a new project. It includes balls of yarn, knitting needles, ribbons, buttons and more! Oh, and don't forget that cute little bear!

Home Shows Complete Guide for Artists & Craftspeople, by ecoQuilter

And finally... what's craft if you can't share your creations with the world? This home shows book is a guide on how you can host your own home show and sell your handmade items! It'll give you that extra leverage you need to take a small handmade business to the next level.


Do you know of some other fabulous gift ideas for a crafter? Share them in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed these items and that they've given you some great ideas!

So what are you waiting for? Get your friends together and get crafting! 😊

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