8 Trendy Gifts For The Tech Head

We all have that one friend who is majorly obsessed with all things tech. They're on top of all the latest releases and have a collection of gadgets that you never knew existed. So what kind of gifts do you get the tech head who seems to have it all? It's all in the accessories.

Here are some trendy gifts any tech head will enjoy. Click the photos to shop.

Apple iPhone Docking Station, by EcoWalnut

This one's for the Apple obsessed. It's a slick iPhone docking station handmade from walnut wood which will display your fave phone in style. Put it on your nightstand or get another one to dress up your office space!

Modern Shelf Organizer, by WoodButcherDesigns

For more tech storage space, why not go for a shelf organizer? This one by WoodButcherDesigns is modern and minimalistic so you can show off your beloved tech items.

Wooden Cable Management Organizer, by argaostar

Need a little cable organization in your life? With so much tech, it's hard to keep things neat and tidy but now you can with this simple cable management organizer. It makes charging your gadgets a lot easier too!

Leather Earphone Organizer, by NautiloBoutique

While you're at it, why not get your earphones organized too? These glossy leather pouches are perfect for keeping your earphones in check when they're not in use. Put them in your backpack, take 'em out and you won't have to worry about the painful task of detangling them.

Studio Headphone Hook, by AndrewsReclaimed

For your bigger at-home headsets, this studio hook is a must have. It's made from reclaimed wood and with a clean minimalistic design, will look unobtrusive on your wall. Now, all your favorite gadgets have a place to call home.

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table, by BohemianWorkbench

Nintendo Controller inspired coffee table? Dreams really do come true. This coffee table is entirely handmade from maple, walnut and mahogany wood – it's truly an impressive piece that any tech geek will love.

Leather Apple Watch Strap, by Blackforest Atelier

For those who have forked out the money for a fancy Apple Watch, go a step further and dress it up with a custom made leather strap. Blackforest Atelier has a range of fancy designs that'll make your tech accessory pop.

Circuit Board Cufflinks, by Charlie Boots

And for those who can't afford an Apple Watch but still want to look stylish, you can't go wrong with a pair of circuit board cufflinks! A great look if you want to wow the colleagues at work.


That rounds up the tech gifts!

What are some of your must-have tech items? Let us know in the comments

Have a geeked-out day! 😊

Featured item: Handmade Leather Band for Apple Watch by BlackForest Atelier.

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