9 Ways To Bring The Danish Hygge Into Your Life!

Hygge. What is it and why is it becoming a trend around the globe? Hygge is a Danish word that pretty much describes the feeling of coziness, comfort and contentment. Think being cuddled up with your loved ones, wearing cozy knitted clothing and drinking warm chocolate by candlelight.

To help you on your Hygge journey, we've compiled this list of 9 ways you can bring the Danish way of living into everyday experience. Click the items to shop.

1. A woollen pair of socks is a must

Or anything woollen, basically. Sweaters, scarves, gloves... the options are endless. Remember, the aim is to be as cozy as possible and wool is definitely a super cozy material to snuggle up in.

Scandinavian Pattern Woollen Winter Socks, by TanyaOrlova

Check out TanyaOrlova's Zibbet store for a wide range of super cute Scandinavian-style knitted socks! They are the definition of Hygge.

2. Bring in the candlelights

It just isn't a Danish Hygge without candles. It's the best way to create a beautiful and warm atmosphere instantly. You can also create a permanent Hygge atmosphere by carefully selecting lower temperature lighting.

3 Wooden Candle Holders, by Thebradfordedge

Lighting up several tealights is a beautiful way of creating that cozy atmosphere in your home. Add a little something extra with stylish candle holders, like these unique wooden ones by Thebradfordedge.

3. Nothing is ever complete without good food

It ain't worth it if there's no food involved! Whether you want to go to your favourite bakery or do a little home cooking, food is a great way to bring people together and be happy.

Party Cupcake Toppers, by WhenItRainsShop

If you're going for the home-baking option, you might want to be a little adventurous and add decorations! Don't forget to invite your closest friends and family over to share your delicious creations.

4. Get your hands wrapped and warm around a hot drink

Whether you're planning on being Hygge with a friend or just by yourself, a hot drink can go a long way. Make yourself a cup of your favourite warm beverage – coffee, tea or hot chocolate... and enjoy (preferably with a good book)!

Wooden Hexagon Serving Tray, by WoodenStuffCrafts

Make your Hygge experience more comfortable with this unique hexagon serving tray. Add a vase of fresh flowers and team up your warm drink with your favorite pastry.

5. Gather friends and family for a Hygge occasion

Happiness is best when shared. Get your friends and family together to play a board game!

Wooden Tic Tac Toe Board Game, by SMARTBIZ2017

Need board game ideas? This wooden Tic Tac Toe set is an easy play that will get your guests amped up and competitive (in the best way, of course).

6. You can also make your home a Hygge paradise!

If you want to go the extra mile, why not transform your home into a Danish Hygge haven? Go for minimalistic designs (think Scandinavian) that not only look chic, but offer maximum comfort.

Modern Chevron Cushion Cover, by SmilingCloud

This modern chevron cushion is a prime example of Hygge. It's a simple but stylish design.

7. Be like the Danish and go for a bike ride

The Danes not only like being cozy, but they like being environmentally friendly! They ride their bicycles everywhere. Not only is it good for the environment, but it's good for your wellbeing and fitness (and that's what Hygge is all about).

Recycled Metal Bicycle Ornament, by becreations

Commit to your new biking lifestyle with this bicycle ornament made out of recycled metal! Hook it on to a keychain as a reminder to take out your wheels more often.

8. Reconnect yourself with the natural world

Take your new bike out for a ride into nature. Find your favorite spot and cozy up, either with yourself or with a friend. Don't forget to pack your Hygge essentials (drinks, snacks, woolly jumper).

Purple Sunset Nature Photography, by Four10Photography

Spend the day out. Watch the sunrise and set! You'll be surprised how calming and relaxing taking some time out from the busy bustle of the city can be.

9. And finally... just be happy!

Hygge = Happiness. You don't necessarily have to do certain things to live the Hygge lifestyle. Just do what makes you happy.

Choose Happy Chevron Sign, by Dandelion Wishes Design

Live everyday choosing to be happy. Hang this "Choose Happy" sign in a prominent place in your home to always remind yourself that happiness is a choice.


So those are the ways you can bring Hygge into your life!

What do you guys think? Is the Danish Hygge tradition something you want to implement into your daily lifestyle? Let us know in the comments!

So go ahead and make your life super hyper Hygge! ❤️

Featured item: Wooden Hexagon Serving Tray by WoodenStuffCrafts.

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