Blogging for your creative business

Let’s face it blogging can sometimes be difficult when you are just not sure what to write about. You always want to make sure you are engaging your readers with content that they want to read. Figuring out strong topics can be a challenge and will leave you frustrated.

Like I always say , “if you are not enjoying your blog… you need to change it up and make it fun”.

Strong blog topics that bring in readers do not necessarily need to be long. They just need to grab the attention of your readers.

3 characteristics of a strong 5 minute blog post:

  1. Attention Gabbing
  2. Involves another artist and blogger
  3. Promotes social sharing (Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, etc)

Grabbing your readers attention:

This all starts with your title. Make sure your title tells your people exactly what the post is about. When your post is Tweeted, shared on Facebook, pinned on Pinterest, or shared by any means the title travels with it and you want people to click.

The second way to grab attention is with awesome pictures. Every post you ever write on your blog must have a picture. You can use your own images of your products or find stock images you can purchase for a cheap price.

Don’t miss out on the chance to add your products in your blog posts. By adding images of your products that are linked and have the proper ALT tags, you are creating the ever important “Google link juice”!

You want the ALT tag to reflect the keywords you have picked for your creative business.

As you know pictures are crucial for Facebook and Pinterest. We have already talked about how Facebook posts with pictures have a higher click through rate than those without.

Getting others involved promotes social sharing:

When you get other artist and bloggers involved in your articles you are harnessing the power of numbers. If you feature another creative business owner on your blog they will love the exposure and then spread the word around.

Look for sellers with a larger reach than yours, write an article about them, show off their items, and let them know.

Next week we will cover blog topics you can write about. I promise you will never run out of post ideas!

Thanks for stopping by, if you have questions about the topic we covered today, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

This post was written by Timothy Adam, from Handmadeology.

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