Color Guide: Hello Yellow!

Yellow is a color that evokes feelings of warmth and happiness. It's vibrant and full of life. There are many things that pop into mind when you think the color yellow. Belle's gown from Beauty and the Beast. Sunshine. Bananas. Pikachu. That Coldplay song.

This week, we're saying hello to yellow. Click the photos to shop.

Y is for Yellow Alphabet Print, by modernpop

You can't spell it out more simple than this. This Y is for Yellow print is the perfect way to introduce your little one to colors and letters. Check out the whole range of alphabet prints by modernpop and hang these in the nursery!

Mr Little Cheese Piece Plush, by champuchinito

For a more tactile way to introduce the vibrant color of yellow, why not go for this super cute cheese plush? Not only is it an adorable toy for kids, but it's also a fun present for the cheese-lover.

Platinum Gold Geometry Pendant, by Greemotion

Don't shy away from adding yellow to your outfits. Something simple like this minimalist geometric pendant can do a lot to make your outfit stand out, especially if the rest of your attire are neutral colors.

Minimalist Macbook Pro Laptop Sleeve, by InCarne

If you're not big on the vibrant yellow, go for the mustard shade. It's super stylish and pairs well with many other colors. This macbook pro laptop sleeve is a must have for the office-chic woman.

Mustard Yellow Handmade Sketchbook, by The Altered Diaries

For those who are more inclined to handwrite their notes, go for this boho-style mustard yellow sketchbook. It's a handy tool for the artist.

Bright Yellow Personalized Stationery, by WhenItRainsShop

Remember the days when sending and receiving letters were a thing? Let's bring them back and add our own little personalized touch. This bright yellow stationery set is great for sending a little happiness to your friends, family and acquaintances.

Polka Dot Shower Curtain, by ShowerInk

And finally, brighten up your home decor with a splash of yellow! It'll do wonders to bring your home to life. Change up simple items like bed sheets to shower curtains!


What are your thoughts on the color yellow? Do you love it or prefer something a little more darker? Let us know in the comments

Have a bright day! 😊

Featured item: Vintage Yellow Flower Print by My Little Print Shop.

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