Create The Perfect Living Space For Your Home

It's a nice feeling to come home to a living space that puts you instantly at ease. It's a space where you can unwind and relax with a good book. A space where you can hang out with the family or invite guests over for tea. That's why it's important to create the perfect living space that gives off the right vibe.

Check out these items and be inspired to create the perfect living space for your home. Don't forget – if you like what you see, you can click the photos to shop the items!

Reclaimed Wooden Lamps, by GoodLights

A great living space needs great lighting. The right lights can really set a positive ambience! These modern wooden lamps by GoodLights are a great way to illuminate your space in style. What's even better is that they're made from reclaimed wood. Giving something a new life is always a huge plus. Check out GoodLights for more lighting alternatives.

Watermelon & Lemonade Soy Candle, by The Old Lighthouse

Add subtle scents to your living space with candles, potpourris or diffusers. Adding scents can lift moods and give your room added personality. The Old Lighthouse handcrafts environmentally sustainable candles from natural soy wax, just like the watermelon and lemonade one above!

Rustic Glass & Rope Mini Lantern, by Wedding Rustic Favors

Jars are great for decoration. These rustic glass and rope jars are versatile – add tea lights and you have yourself mini lanterns! Otherwise you can also use them as potters for succulents or unique flower vases.

Hand Knit Cotton Throw, by PUREWHITEDECO

Living spaces should be cozy and comforting. Add a throw to your couch for maximum coziness during those colder nights. PUREWHITEDECO has knitted this thick cotton throw that's perfect for decorative purposes as well as for comfort.

Classic Stripe Pillow Cover, by TwistedBobbin

Cushions and pillows are great for adding texture and patterns into your room. Check out TwisstedBobbin's Zibbet store for an array of different pillow covers that'll give your space the POP it needs! If you're looking for clean and simplistic, the classic stripe pillow cover above is perfect.

Original Abstract Darkroom Art, by MadeAndPrinted

Add some art to make your space more lively. MadeAndPrinted sells some intriguing abstract prints that will give your room a unique touch. If you're feeling adventurous, don't be afraid to go bold with some brighter colors!

Modern Round Coffee Table, by Philosophy with a Hammer

Every living space needs an awesome coffee table. This modern coffee table by Philosophy with a Hammer is perfect as it'll give the illusion that you have more space! Place some candles and magazines on the top and add a rug on the bottom and voilá! Half the job of creating the perfect living space is done.

Piquancy Brass Finish End Table, by BIFACTORY

If you want more surface space, go for an end table! This brass finish end table by BIFACTORY has a beautiful shiny aesthetic. Mixed with the wooden element, it's a great contemporary piece to add to your décor and display your most vibrant flowers.

Knitted Ottoman Pouf, by spellitwithPEAS

Add something different to your home. This ottoman pouf has been hand-knitted with fine-knit cotton yarn. It makes an excellent addition to any décor. Sturdy and comfy, all your guests will make a beeline for this at your next house party.

Set of Crochet Baskets, by strickenshop

Declutter and store your belongings with a range of baskets. These crochet baskets are made from thick yarn ensuring that their shape stays firm. They're perfect for storing little bits and bobs that you don't want cluttered around your living space.

Country Beige Travertine Tile Coasters, by Anna Dewell Designs

Have coasters at the ready. You don't want to ruin your beautiful coffee table with mug stains! Purchase a set of coasters that suits your living space and have them at the ready. These tile coasters by Anna Dewell Designs are perfect for a rustic country décor.

Air Plant Terrarium, by JTLCREATIONS

Bring oxygen, life and freshness into your space by adding pot plants. Whether you're great or terrible at keeping pot plants alive, adding a touch of greenery will really help to make your living space come alive. For the lazy bums, go for a succulent that doesn't require much effort. The air plaint terrarium above by JTLCREATIONS is a great choice – especially with it's unique birch-tree trunk!


Having a comfortable living space is essential in making you feel relaxed! After all, it is a living space. I hope these tips will give you inspiration to create your dream space!

What are some of your must have items to make your living space perfect? Share them in the comments!

Happy decorating! 😊

Featured item: Designer Geometrical Cushion Pillow Cover by TjashaSaich.

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