Discover Your Signature Scent

There's nothing quite like the scent of a beautiful fragrance wafting in the air. It can evoke emotions, feelings and memories. It can also help you feel comforted and calm in times of trouble.

What's your signature scent? We've scoured the Zibbet marketplace to find a range of unique scents just for you. Click the photos to shop.

Scented Apple Cinnamon Candle, by awak

Candles are one of the best ways to fill your life with your favorite scents. If you love the smell of a yummy baked treat, this scented apple cinnamon candle is perfect for you! Your room will smell just like a freshly baked treat.

20 Merlot Scented Incense Sticks, by SensualScentsations

Diffuse your home with lovely scented incense sticks! They're a simple way to make your home smelling lovely and fresh. These merlot scented sticks from SensualScentsations will evoke a lustrous romantic atmosphere.

Blueberry Crumble Fragrance Oil, by KimberlysCandlesAndMore

Oh, and here's another one for those inclined to baked goods – this time, in the form of a fragrance oil! Fragrance oils are great because you can use them in various ways.

Scented Lavender Sachets, by ThreeFrenchHens

Floral scents are amazing if you need a little soothing. These lavender sachets will do exactly that! Put them under your pillow or in amongst your linen for maximum effect.

Australian Bamboo Handmade Soap, by TenthAvenueSoapWorks

Soaps are also a great way to fill your days with lovely scents. The great thing is that there's so many options out there so there'll definitely be something for you. Perhaps you like the smell of the Australian outback? Then this Aussie bamboo soap is right up your alley.

Arabian Musk Fragrance Soap, by Wild Mist Soap Company

Or maybe you'd like a scent that's muskier and mysterious. Then this Arabian Musk soap needs a place in your bathroom!

Tester Scents – Goats Milk & Oatmeal Soaps, by This Soap Smells Good

And if you just can't choose which scent speaks to you, why not go for a tester? This Soap Smells Good has 10 cute tester scents for you to try and figure out which one you like best. Who knows, maybe you'll love all of them!


Do any of these scents smell good to you? What's your go-to fragrance? Let us know in the comments!

Have a great day! 😊

Featured item: Tester – Goats Milk and Oatmeal Soaps by This Soap Smells Good.

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