Fabulous Finds Under $20

Browsing through the Zibbet marketplace is always a great time. There’s so many unique and interesting items for sale thanks to our Zibbet sellers! The great thing is that you’re sure to find something that’ll intrigue and inspire you.

This week, we have a collection of unique items that wont break your bank. Take a look at these fabulous finds under $20! What a bargain.

Crocheted Lavender Boot Cuffs, by Ronisboutique

purple mitts

Looking for a way to accessorize your springtime outfit? These crochet boot cuffs will surely do the trick. The lovely pink color will give your outfit the vibrance it needs. Top it off with the cute little bows and these boot cuffs are a total bargain! Take a look at Ronisboutique’s shop for more colors.

Real Pressed Flower Clear Case, by Casemehk

iPhone case

I absolutely adore this phone case. Casemehk has handmade this real pressed flower iPhone case, giving it a natural and unique aesthetic – perfect for Spring! Don’t worry non-iPhone users, if you LOVE this case too, you can drop Casemehk a message to get a custom case made for your phone model.

Lavender Lovers Soap Trio, by Emily's Handmade Soaps

Handmade soap

This set of 3 handmade vegan soap is an inexpensive gift that’ll leave a sweet scent. This set comes with lavender, lemongrass and rosemary soaps – perfect for a relaxing and calming bath. For more unique handmade soaps, be sure to check out emilyshandmadesoaps’ store!

Eco resin oblong earrings, by Galiga


This Friday Finds is turning out to be really floral! Check out these gorgeous resin earrings made from real flowers, handmade by Galiga. These earrings come in two different styles as seen above, so pick out the one that best suits your style and personality!

Handmade Wood Photo, by LifeonBoard

Home decor

Is it time to swap out some old photos for new ones? If so, why not get rid of the mundane frames and get your photos transferred onto wood instead? LifeonBoard will transfer your beloved photos and memories onto a piece of premium basswood, giving your photos a whole new rustic feel. It also makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one – and it wont break your bank. 🙂

4 Personalized Photo Coasters, by Captured by Danielle


Another great way to capture and show off your memories is to get them on coasters! Captured by Danielle turns your memories into personalized photo coasters. Here’s a great decoration idea: use the coasters to make a unique photo wall!

Small Ikat Abstract tribal native design backpack, by thousandhands


Who needs Louis Vuitton when you can get a functional and fashionable bag under $20? This abstract tribal style backpack by ThousandHands is perfect for school or for a day out at the beach.

Vintage cats playing music mug, by art4home


Cats playing instruments are cool. Therefore, this mug featuring cats playing instruments is ultra cool. If you’re a cat lover, this is a must have. Snuggle up with your little kitty with a warm mug of tea and you’re pretty much set for life. Check out Art4home store for more cool things.


That rounds up this week’s Fabulous Friday Finds! I love finding interesting and unique items that won’t put too much of a dent in the wallet! Luckily for us, the Zibbet marketplace has heaps of unique items for sale.

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Until next Friday…

Featured item: Owl Russian Dolls by My Favorite Things.

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