Gifts Every Nature Lover Will Love

There's nothing quite like having an adventure out in nature. Being able to breathe in the fresh air, observe the sunlight shining through the foliage of trees and listening to the songs of chirping birds – these are all free inspiration. It's incredibly calming and it let's you reconnect with the real world.

To celebrate the beauty of nature, we've found some nature-inspired items that every nature lover will just fawn over. Click the photos to shop the items.

Tree Shaped Pillow, by Milipa

D'aww. This little tree shaped pillow is so adorable! I just love how she has leaves in her hands and the way her smile reaches her eyes 😊. Made from cotton fabric and stuffed with love, this lil tree is perfect for brightening up the nursery and getting the little ones to embrace nature.

Forget Me Not Necklace, by NaturalPrettyThings

Forget Me Not's are beautiful and delicate flowers. This necklace wonderfully captures their nature and will look sublime hanging from the neck of a nature lover.

Dandelion Wish Necklace, by RubyRobinBoutique

For something a little more whimsical and earthy, why not consider this dandelion wish necklace? I love that it's inside a vile, giving it that enviro science feel.

Bird Cage Pendant Terrariums, by MaaneeShop

Make your own nature locket with these bird cage pendant terrariums! A great gift for the nature lover – just take them out on a little hike in the mountains and collect your own floral delights! It'll be a thoughtful and memorable gift.

Natural Tree Vine Wedding Band Set, by Zahour

For the nature-loving couple, these natural tree vine wedding bands are a MUST! Made from gold, the bark-like tree texture really gives these rings a unique touch.

Green Leaf Sprout Hair Clips, by Poppy-Paint Creations

A few years ago, wearing sprouts in your hair was a trendy thing in China. It's certainly a unique hair accessory, but also super cute. If you like the sprout look, then you should try out these sprout clips by Poppy-Paint Creations! Before you know it, you'll be blossoming into a beautiful flower.

Woodland Elf Crown, by TheAmethystDragonfly

Another beautiful accesory is this woodland elf crown by TheAmethystDragonfly. It's made with copper wire and stunning beads. With this crown on your head, you'll be looking like a regal elf queen from the set of Lord of the Rings.

'Falls' oil painting, by larryney

I'm absolutely in love with this soothing oil painting by larryney. Titled 'Falls', it's got a beautiful charm that will do wonders in bringing any room to life. I love the beautiful shades of blue and green that perfectly captures the colors of nature.

'Temperance River in Minnesota' oil painting, by melvillepaintings

This oil painting by melvillepaintings is also a magnificent piece that captures the purity of nature in all it's finer details. Doesn't it just make you want to go out and explore nature?!

Nature Journal, by Dorothyjane

If you are thinking of getting out there and exploring the world, be sure to bring a journal along to document your thoughts! This journal by Dorothyjane has got you covered. All you have to do is find a serene spot and get lost in your thoughts.


I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous nature gifts that have been crafted by our extremely crafty and talented Zibbet sellers!

I'd love to know, What's your favorite thing to do in nature? I personally love breathing in that fresh forest air!

I hope you have a lovely day, wherever you are! 😊

Featured item: Irish Lichen Terrarium Locket by RubyRobinBoutique.

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