Handmade wooden gift ideas that you "wood" love

I love wooden accessories. They really bring you back to nature when you’re stuck in a city of metal and cement. This week, I found a natural collection of sustainable wooden items that will make great gift ideas and party accessories. I love the community at Zibbet because finding sustainable and ecological alternatives becomes so much easier.

So you wooden want to miss this week’s Friday Finds! Check out these wooden gift ideas and click on the photos to shop the items!

Ring Bearer Box, by MyHouseOfDreams

Ring Bearer Box

Why settle for a generic ring bearer box when you can get this awesome one made from natural wood? Add a little bit of nature to your special day. If not, it’ll be a gorgeous addition to your home décor. You can use it to store your most precious pieces of jewelry for safe keeping.

Personalized Tea Chest, by Iwowd

Personalized Tea Chest

I absolutely love this personalized wooden tea chest by Iwod. As an avid tea enthusiast and daily tea drinker, I love the idea of having my own personalized box to store my most delectable tea leaves. It’s a great gift idea for all the like-minded tea enthusiasts out there. It even comes with the yellow snail tea bag holder displayed in the image. Score!

Wood Succulent Planter Cube, by AndrewsReclaimed

Wood Succulent Planter Cube

Andrews Reclaimed makes the most elegant wooden accessories for your home and office. I love what they do especially because they make their products from recycled and reclaimed wood– bonus ticks for sustainability! Freshen up your home or office with this exquisite wooden planter made from recycled cedar wood, and be sure to check out the rest of their shop for some wooden delights.

Vintage teak wood bowl, by Sassydoggs

vintage teak wood bowl

This Danish style vintage teak wood bowl can serve many organizational purposes. There’s a modern edge to this bowl that will really distinguish itself from all your other homeware. It’ll do a great job as a salad or fruit bowl. If you want, you could even use it to store some crafty bits and pieces (like balls of your favorite yarn).

12 Sets of Wood Cutlery, by GetThePartyStarted

12 Sets of Wood Cutlery

A charming wooden cutlery set for a charming garden party. GetThePartyStarted sells these cute biodegradable cutlery sets in an assortment of colors to fit your party needs. It’s definitely a great and enviro friendly alternative to buying plain plastic cutlery.

Organic Wooden Semi Truck Crayon Holder, by countrysidegifts

Organic Wooden Semi Truck Crayon Holder

Evoke the creativity and imagination in your child with this dual-purpose wooden truck. It’s a great way to store crayons and pencils as well as providing endless fun for the kids. It’s made out of 100% organic wood (ticks again for sustainability) and a non-toxic beeswax finish.


That’s it for this week’s Friday Finds! There’s a wealth of gorgeous wooden items out there on Zibbet waiting to be discovered. I’m feeling keen to surround myself with nature, so I think a hike into the woods would be a perfect little adventure this weekend.

If you’re a seller who makes things from wood, leave a comment below so we can discover your precious items!

See you next week!

Featured item: Set of two wood lamps with ombre polka dots by GoodLights.

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