How to boost your sales in 10 minutes

One of the easiest ways to boost your sales for the month is to hold a time-limited sale in your store. With Christmas fast approaching it’s a great opportunity to get your brand in front of your customers and remind them to think of you this shopping season!

Putting a time limit on the sale is important as the urgency drives your customer to make a purchase decision then and there. As humans, we’re natural procrastinators and we often put things off, planning to come back to it later, which we often don’t.

With Zibbet’s ‘Sales Mode’ feature, you can easily discount all your items by a given percentage. If you prefer to only discount a certain ‘section’ of your store, you can do that too. Since you can add your items to more than one section, often sellers choose to create a “SALES” section and only discount items added here. You also have the option to include free shipping as part of your sale.

Once you’ve created your sale, send a quick email to let your customers know about the sale and ask them to share it with their friends (don’t be afraid to ask!). Also send an update to all your social media channels to let them know. Do up a simple graphic, using Canva, to accompany your sale announcement. This will increase your click-through rates, on social media, as it makes your post more noticeable.

All items in Sales Mode also get extra exposure on Zibbet.

Setting up your sale, sending an email and posting on social media will only take you 10-15 minutes, tops! Depending on your product and the number of customers you have, you may choose to hold a sale every month or so. If you’re using an application like MailChimp to send your emails, you can track your open rates (how many people from your list open your email) and click-through rates (how many people click on the link in your email, leading them to your store). If you’re finding your open rates and click-through rates declining over time, you may want to hold your sales less often and/or find other ways of engaging your customers.

Happy selling!

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