How to make a simple Sari Silk Tassel Necklace

Tassels and Recycled Sari Silks, what a wonderful combination.

This quick and easy necklace can be as flamboyant or understated as you choose to make it.

There is a wonderful selection of Sari Silks now available online as well as Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons and your Tassel Cap can be anything with a large enough hole, so you can give your imagination free rein or look for Tassel Caps online.


Tassel necklace supplies

You will need:

  • 1 ½ yards of Sari Silk
  • 1 Silk Hand dyed Silk Ribbon - Or you can use cord or a chain as long as doubled up it fits through the hole in your bead cap
  • 1 Tassel Cap Co-ordinating beads thread of tying off the Tassel
  • 1 Hook Clasp – I have used a Sterling Silver Crimp Hook or you could just tie the ribbon at the back of your neck

Buy the DIY Tassel Kit that contains everything you need to complete this project.

Getting Started

Step 1

Press and trim off any loose threads from your Sari Silk. Measure out and cut your lengths for your Tassel, I started with 35mm lengths which I trimmed down slightly on the finished Tassel.

Step 2

Place the centre of your Sari Silks across the centre of your Necklace Ribbon.

Step 3

Fold your Necklace Ribbon over the Sari Silks.

Step 4

Thread a bead onto your Necklace Silk and pull it down to your Tassel section this will help you keep things in place and allow you to arrange your Sari Silks if you are not using all one colour. It will also free up your hands so you can wrap the thread around to secure your Tassel – See below.

Step 5

Secure your tassel using the Thread, keep it simple at the start, as this will be when you need to thread your Tassel Cap onto your Necklace Silk and try it over your Tassel for size. If the Tassel Cap does not fit over the Tassel, remove some Sari Silks from the Tassel. If the Tassel Cap does not fit snugly and securely then you can either add more Sari Silks or add a lot more thread to bulk out your Tassel Head.

Step 6

Once your Tassel is Secure you can add beads to the Necklace Silk if you wish. Finishing your Necklace can be done either by tying a simple knot or bow if your Silk Necklace has Tapered Points or as I have done here by using a Sterling Silver Crimp Hook set. I threaded the Silk into the ends of the Hook and Eye parts of the Clasp and crimped the centre sections so they grip the Silk securely.

And voila you have made a Sari Silk Tassel Necklace.

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