How To Prepare For Your Spring Wedding

Spring is almost here! Soon the birds will be chirping and the flowers blooming. It's the prime season for weddings and ceremonies that celebrate love.

About to (or thinking of) walking down the aisle this season? Here's a checklist that you can tick off, ensuring your spring wedding flows flawlessly so you can enjoy your special day with loved ones.

1. Choose the perfect wedding venue

Outdoors or indoors? Countryside or harborside? There's so many options when it comes to choosing a venue for your big day. If all the big options are ruled out, don't be afraid to go small and simple. You can hire out a private estate or even transform your own garden into the perfect wedding aisle.

Set of 4 Moss Balls Outdoor Wedding Decor, by GREEN MOSS PRODUCTS

Subtle wedding décor for an outdoor wedding can help bring the atmosphere together. Fairy lights, candles in jars and moss balls can give your chosen venue an extra air of magic, just like in a fairytale.

2. Break the news to your bridesmaids and groomsmen

Breaking the good news to your best friends is always fun! Let them know in advance so that they can help with wedding preparations. That way, the weight is shared amongst friends and you can take a chill pill.

Be My Bridesmaid Message In A Bottle Invitation, by kseniyarevta

It's exciting to get proposed to... and even more exciting to do the proposing! Make your bridesmaid's day with a special message in a bottle invitation.

3. Invite family, friends and guests

Next, it's time to send out the invites. There are some great online wedding invites that make it easier for friends and family to RSVP, but nothing really beats a physical invitation.

Save The Date Wedding Invitation, by ModernSoiree

If you're pressed on time, you can just download a template to print out at home! Check out ModernSoiree's Zibbet store for more beautiful designs.

4. Find the perfect dress

THE DRESS. Whether you want the big flowing princess gown or a simple boho chic number, you'll want to be comfortable on your big day. Create a vision board (or Pinterest board) of the dresses you like. That way. when it comes time to bite the bullet, you'll know the exact style you're looking for.

Lace Wedding Dress, by sibodesigns

Going for that exposed off-the-shoulder look? This whimsical lace wedding dress by sibodesigns is just 👌.

5. Get the wedding décor right

There's a lot of little details that make up the overall wedding aesthetic. Think of a word that totally captures the theme of your ideal wedding. Modern? Rustic? Boho? Classic? Once you determine the theme, it's a lot easier to select the right décor details – from lighting to florals and bunting to silverware.

His and Hers Ring Bearer Boxes, by handmade4ever

The décor should even cover the smallest things like your wedding bands! Keep your rings safe in a his and hers ring bearer box.

6. Prepare for unpredictable weather

If you're going to have an outdoor wedding, it's essential to have a backup plan in case the sky goes awry. You might want to have a tent or gazebo at the ready... or if you're not afraid to have a little rain, you could even get a clear umbrella to help walk you down the aisle!

Ethnic Moroccan Handmade Wedding Blanket, by Atelier Handira

It can still be a bit chilly if you're having an early spring wedding. A great way to tie together a well-rounded wedding aesthetic whilst providing your guests comfort is to have blankets on chairs! It'll be a cozy wedding.

7. Don't forget nibbles and drinks!

The fact of the matter is that there'll be some guests who are in it for the food. It's all well and good to wait for the lunch/dinner feast... but having some nibbles throughout the day is also a great way to satisfy rumbling stomachs.

Burlap Wedding Table Silverware Holders, by wedding mate

Make boring silverware exciting with holders! These burlap ones by wedding mate are perfect for rustic countryside weddings.

8. Select meaningful favors for your guests

A little thank you gift for your guests can go a long way if you choose the gift wisely! Deviate from the obvious candy-treats and go for something that can brighten up their day-to-day lives! Candles, seedlings and small bottles of beauty products are just some ideas.

12 Lavender Soap Favors, by BeautifulGiftsShop

Your guests will feel super refreshed after using these little lavender soap favors!

9. Capture the memories from your big day

Should you hire a photographer? How about a videographer? These are some big questions to ask yourself as it'll put a dent in your wedding budget if you decide to go ahead with a professional. If you're strapped on cash, you might want to just purchase a few disposal cameras (or even polaroid cameras) and leave them around for your guests to take happy snaps of your big day!

Antique Frame Wedding Photo Booth Prop, by CasaKarmaDecor

Photo props will always make guests more compelled to take some snaps. Purchase a large frame that suits your wedding aesthetic and before you know it, people will be lining up for photos!

10. Book your ideal honeymoon destination... and enjoy it!

After all your preparations, you and your partner will definitely deserve this honeymoon. Go all out! Book the destination of your dreams.

Long Lace Bridal Nightgown Honeymoon Lingerie, by APILAT

Spoil yourself with an extravagant nightgown! APILAT sells an assortment of gorgeous silk and lace lingerie that'll make you feel a million bucks 😉


Pro-tip: Spring weddings are nice but they might also cause hayfever for those of us with allergies. Have some allergy tablets ready in case you or a guest gets a case of the sniffles!

Are you planning or have had a spring wedding? Let us know all the juicy details in the comments below!


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