Minty green items to freshen up your day

Mint green is such a cool and fresh color. It's a color that works wonders with both minimal and flamboyant styles. If you're ever in need of adding a unique touch to an outfit or décor, mint is the way to go.

Take a look at these minty green items that are guaranteed to bring an air of freshness into your day. Click the photos to shop!

Mint & Purple Statement Necklace, by Candydance

This mint and purple statement necklace is great accessory for any minimalistic outfit. Pairing it up with a white dress or shirt means you'll get the contrast you need to make a fashion statement. That, plus the intricacies of the design make it a classic touch.

Mint Teardrop Adjustable Ring, by iloniti

This teardrop style halo ring by ilonti is the perfect gift for a loved one (or even as a gift to spoil yourself... you deserve it 😛). If you get the inkling that a special someone is about to pop the question, why not gently nudge them in this direction? Check out ilonti's store for more gorgeous and unique ring alternatives.

Mint Green Planter, by Skipdesign3D

I am a firm believer that having a pot plant in your office will give you that extra oomph of motivation and inspiration that you need to get on with your daily tasks. That, and they look good. Make your pot plant look even better with this mint green geometric style planter.

Recycled Bike Wheel Lamp, by GoodLights

This one is for all the industrial-loving designers out there. This lamp has been made from a recycled bike wheel and will look fantastic for an industrial-style décor. I love repurposed items, it's so amazing to see something old turn into something completely new and innovative.

Spring Vial Necklace with Mint Flowers, by CraftsGardenOfZen

Little treasures in bottles are pretty trendy these days (like terrariums and candles in mason jars 🌿). This spring vial necklace contains fluorite and mint flowers. It's said that fluorite has healing powers, helping you to keep calm and give you the courage you need to tackle your challenges. I could do with a little bravery in a bottle, what about you?

Mint Baby Floral Accessory Set, by HappyMomOf6

Aww. This little cutie is decked out in delicate mint and cream floral accessories made lovingly by HappyMomOf6 (now that's a super mom right there). The set comes in 3: a pearl bracelet, a pearl necklace and a pretty headband. Perfect for a special or formal occasion!

"Gentle Whisper" Photography Print, by CarolynCochrane

This fine art photography just captures the serenity and beauty of nature. The crispy yellow autumn leaves against the minty-blue sky gives this print a beautiful contrast that'll look amazing hung up in a simple frame on the wall. Make sure you check out CarolynCochrane's store for more amazing photographs.


That rounds things up for this week's fresh and minty Friday Finds! What items were your favorite? I definitely love that recycled bicycle wheel!

If you're a Zibbet seller with some great minty items, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

Until next Friday...

Featured item: Mint & Gold Wrap Bracelet by AbacusBeadCreations.

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