Orange is the happiest color

Frank Sinatra once said that orange is the happiest color – and he may just be right! Orange is a color that evokes a sense of happiness and it does a lot to brighten up the mood. So if you’re ever in need of a mood lift, splash some orange into your life (both the color and the fruit… because a little Vitamin C never hurt)!

Take a gander at these orangey finds and pop a little color into your life. Like what you see? You can click the photos to shop!

Stud Peach Orange Coral Earrings, by iloniti

These orange-coral stud earrings by iloniti are just beaming like a kaleidoscope of fruity colors! These studs are perfect for any formal occasion, be it a fancy dinner, bridal party or a special date. They’re also lightweight which gives them bonus points for comfort. The bright floral colors will ensure that you’re on point for a summer fiesta.

Sterling silver earrings in burnt orange, by splurge

If you’re looking for a more earthy accessory then these burnt orange leaf earrings by splurge are just for you. Made from sterling silver, these earrings are designed with modernism in mind. They’ll definitely bring a pop of color to any outfit!

Sterling Silver Ring - Black and Orange - Minimal, by maldonadojoyas

Big fan of minimalistic design? This minimal black and orange saturn ring is a great way to bring a bit of color to your outfit in the most simplistic of ways. If you love the minimal style, be sure to check out maldonadojoyas store – it’s brimming with simplistic but inspiring handmade jewelry.

Orange wire crochet collier with fossilized corals, by CatsWire

Statement necklace, anyone? This unique wire crochet necklace features fossilized corals (!!!) that gives off a beautiful flowery and almost vintage-like aesthetic. It’s a definite must have for those who love a bold statement piece of jewelry. For more gorgeous and unique items, check out CatsWire’s store.

Orange statement necklace, by stavri

If you’re inclined towards more geometric-like statement pieces, then this orange beaded geometric necklace by stavri may just float your boat. What really gives it that extra edge and burst of color is the vintage lucite connecter in turquoise – these two colors really compliment each other well!

Vintage peach orange jacket, by YouFoundIt

This one’s for the vintage fashion lovers out there! YouFoundIt is selling this stylish vintage blazer in peach orange just screams très chic! This blazer is made in Finland (and I can assure you, Finnish fashion = quality) and is definitely a bold piece to wear in the office.


That wraps up this week’s Friday Finds? Orange you glad you you discovered some amazing items from our Zibbet sellers? I sure am!

If you’re selling some great orange-colored items, or even orange (the fruit) items, go ahead and share them in the comments!

Featured item: iPad Air sleeve, orange. by BOKOshop.

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