Pretty pastels, guaranteed to make your day feel brighter

Why are colors important? Well, they help to set certain moods and feelings. Colors can be symbolic of the way we see the world and the way that we make consumer choices. I have a soft spot for pastel colors as it reflects a sense of innocence and cuteness, regardless of what color it actually is. Pastel colors do wonders in brightening up the room, so if ever you’re stuck on a color choice, just go pastel!

This week, I found some intriguing items that are made even prettier by their pastel-colored aesthetics. Everything is pretty in pastel. Click the photos to shop the items!

Jar of Macarons Necklace, by alilbitofcute

Jar of Macarons Necklace

I’ll be honest– my mouth watered a little looking at these delectable macarons. The jar of macarons necklace by aLilBitOfCute makes an excellent statement piece for the French confectionery lovers out there. C’est très déliceux et chic!

Pastel geo necklace, by AlinaandT

Pastel geo necklace

If you don’t particularly want to wear a jar of macarons around your neck, perhaps this geometric stone style necklace is more up your alley. Geometric styles seem to be very trendy lately and it works well with chunky jewelry. The vibrance of the pink works well in bringing that pop of color to the modest gray and white. The best thing about it is that it’s entirely hand cut by AlinaandT, making it both contemporary and unique!

Origami flowers x 10, by TinySoulsbyMil

Pastel geo necklace

I absolutely adore these pastel-colored origami flowers by TinySoulsbyMil. I think it’s amazing how people can create such beautifully intricate and delicate pieces of art by just folding pieces of paper. These beautiful origami kusudama flowers will make great table decorations at special events.

Handspun wool yarn, by LambsEars

Handspun wool yarn

If you’re feeling crafty but aren’t too sure what your next project should be, why not knit up a scarf and beanie for the colder months to come? LambsEars is selling this gorgeous handspun wool yarn. The pretty pastel colors will do wonders in adding a splash of color when the darker days dawn. If you’re not a knitter, perhaps this is the time to pick up a new hobby and skill!


That’s all for my pastel-colored Friday Finds! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to know if you’re a fan of pastel colors or if you prefer darker colors. Let me know in the comments! My favorite colors are blue and yellow because together they emit brightness and happiness! It might also have to do with the fact that they’re the flag colors of Sweden…

Anyway, see you next week!

Featured item: Crocheted Variegated Pastel Rainbow Doily Table Topper by ronisboutique.

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