Simplistically Slick Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style is known for being modern, minimalistic and simplistically slick. You only have to go to IKEA to understand how simple but functional everything is. But I’m not here to talk about DIY mass-produced furniture and Swedish meatballs. I’m here to bring to you unique and interesting handmade items from our Zibbet sellers.

This week, we have a collection of items that perfectly capture the Scandinavian style. Click the items to shop!

Scandinavian Knit Cowl, by Jaffic

Scandinavian Knit Cowl

Scandinavia is known for their long winter nights and cold weather, so what better way to warm up than with this nordic style knitted cowl? The pattern used for this cowl captures the familiar traditional Scandic patterns, making it an essential during the colder months. If you’re not into the pattern, you can always check out the rest of Jaffic’s store – there’s heaps of stylish and cozy cowls to keep your necks warm!

Danmark Bracelet, by georginabaker

Danmark Bracelet

I absolutely love items that have been repurposed and reworked to create something new and fascinating. This reworked Danish bracelet by georginabaker has been made new from a silver-plated souvenir spoon. The bracelet features a man sitting in front of a fire next to a fence. This is definitely a unique souvenir piece and is a must have for the culture obsessed globetrotters out there.

Handcrafted Wooden Marquetry Mirror, by Wood and Thread

Handcrafted Wooden Marquetry Mirror

Modern Scandinavia is known for their minimalistic but tasteful home décor and lifestyle. This handcrafted wooden mirror by Wood and Thread reflects not only the minimalistic style, but it’ll also reflect your true beauty. If there’s a plain wall in your home waiting for a makeover, this mirror will do plenty to style it up!

Deer Print, by WhitePrintDesign

Deer Print

Speaking of woodland creatures… this greyscale deer print by WhitePrintDesign is a gorgeous piece to have in your office or bedroom décor. It also makes a great gift for birthdays and housewarmings, bringing a modern touch to any room.

Birch Trees - Vinyl Wall Decals, by singlestonestudios

Birch Trees - Vinyl Wall Decals

Vinyl wall decals are a great way to add character to a room without having to drill any holes through the wall. Bring the Scandinavian nature into your home with these birch tree wall decals by singlestonestudios. Add a few pot plants and you’ll have the perfect sanctuary to escape to!

Swedish Dala Horse, by WilsonGraphics

Swedish Dala Horse

And finally… let’s not forget this essential Swedish Dala horse wall sticker! The Dala horse (Dalahäst in Swedish) is one of the most common traditional items that you’ll find if you’re a tourist in Sweden. It’s normally carved out of wood, but this wall decal by WilsonGraphics has the added bonus of not collecting dust on the shelf.


That’s it for this weeks Friday Finds! As a self-proclaimed fanatic of all things Scandinavian, I really enjoyed perusing through the Zibbet marketplace looking for Scandic gems. I absolutely love the the modern minimalistic style mixed with traditional culture.

Are you a fan of the modern minimalistic style? Let me know in the comments! And if you ever find yourself in Scandinavia, be sure to have some fika in Sweden!

Until next Friday,

Featured item: Scandinavian Skyline Design Colorful Illustration by AnnaSee.

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