The Wonderful World of Wanderlust

Wanderlust is the overwhelming feeling of wanting to travel, to explore the world and seek adventures. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of wandering the streets of a new city or camping out by a tranquil stream and watching nature move around you. Not only does the feeling of wanderlust and traveling abroad allow you to discover new places, but it also allows you to discover yourself. Much of what I’ve learned about myself as a person has been through my travel experiences and my yearn for adventures. So say yes to new adventures with this collection of wanderlust inspired Friday Finds. Don’t forget that you can click the photos to shop the items!

Leather passport wallet, by GalenLeather

Passport wallet

An essential item to have on your travels is a passport wallet. It helps keep all your important documents organized and saves you from rummaging through your luggage during check-in. This handmade leather passport wallet by GalenLeather is a stylish option if you want to keep your travel documents all in one place. You can also get it personalized, making it a great gift for that special someone.

Floral World Map Watercolor Print, by fowerdesign

Floral World Map Watercolor Print

Even if you’re not planning an exotic getaway anytime soon, you can still cater to that sense of wanderlust within. I really adore this floral world map poster by fowerdesign as it combines the beauty of nature and the world within a single frame.

Large animals world map sticker, by art4home

Large animals world map sticker

If you don’t just want to contain the world in a frame, you can go all out with this impressive world map wall decal that features iconic animals from each continent. It’ll be a colorful décor option for children’s rooms as well as providing endless curiosity about the world in which we live. Look how cute the penguins are in Antarctica!

Art4home also sells some other fascinating wall decals so be sure to check them out.

Vintage World Globe, by VintageJane

Vintage World Globe

VintageJane is selling this vintage industrial world globe and it is all sorts of intriguing. Not only is it a world globe, but it also has the planetary system at the base of the stand. It’s not the generic globe that you can purchase at your home décor store so it will definitely add a touch of uniqueness in your home or office. You can even do the whole ‘close-your-eyes-and-point’ technique if you’re stuck on where to go for your next adventure!

Map Watch, by SandM Watch

Map Watch

I am a fan of watches with interesting faces. This world map watch by SandM watch is the perfect accessory for the globe-trotters out there. It’s simplistic enough to style and interesting enough to make a statement.


That’s all for this week’s Friday Finds. I hope you enjoyed them and it evoked a sense of wander and adventure!

Do you have a favorite holiday destination? Let me know in the comments! My personal favorite place in the world is Geirangerfjord in Norway. I call it ‘My Happy Place’ because the natural landscape is absolutely breathtaking and I have many cherished memories from my time there.

Happy travels!

Featured item: Custom Travel Mug by Picture in a Dream.

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