These space inspired handmade finds will take you to infinity and beyond!

Do you ever just look up at the stars and wonder about life beyond the infinities? The beauty of life is being able to let go and witness the things that are beyond our control. Isn’t it amazing how everything seems to fall perfectly into place? How the Earth keeps on spinning and the sun keeps on shining? We imagine that the moon and the stars are far beyond our reach, but like many distant things they help to inspire and evoke the creativity and dreams within us.

This week’s Friday Finds is centred around space and all it encompasses: the sun, the moon, the stars and the infinite possibilities. Feel free to click on the photos to shop the items.

Personalized Poster: If I could...... For you I would, by The Book of Everyone

Personalized Poster

Nothing shows how much you care than making a bold proclamation of your love, and what could be bolder than bringing the moon back on a stick? The “If I Could… I would” poster by thebookofeveryone is custom made so you can personalize it as you wish! It makes a perfect and thoughtful gift for your loved ones that they can hang on their wall and be reminded of your undying gratitude.

Guitar pick hand stamped necklace set, by cmkreations

Guitar pick hand stamped necklace set

Or, if you prefer to give a gift that they can always have close to their heart, this guitar pick hand stamped necklace is the perfect alternative. “I love you to the moon & stars” speaks volumes of the unconditional love that you harbor inside. It’s an exceptional token of your appreciation and if your loved one is a musician, they’re sure to love it even more.

Soft sole baby shoes, by ebooba

soft sole baby shoes

It’s a big world for little people, but now your little one can have the galaxy on their tiny little feet! Fuel their curious minds with these adorable handmade soft leather shoes.

La Luna (Moon) Loteria Pillow Cover, by pillowandpocket

La Luna (Moon) Loteria Pillow Cover

If you’re looking for something a little bit eccentric and out of this world for your home, this pillow cover by pillowandpocket will be the perfect addition to your décor. It’s not one of those generic pillow covers that blend in with the sofa, so it will definitely be a conversation starter for any house guests!

Galaxy Pyrite Ring, by hardcandygems

Galaxy Pyrite Ring

Now you can literally have the universe at the tip of your fingers with this alluring handmade pyrite ring. The elements in this piece are reflective of the infinite possibilities and opportunities that life presents us. It’s definitely a piece of jewelry that makes a bold statement, but it’s also a welcoming reminder that there are many infinite paths that we can take to reach our goals and dreams.

Rand McNally & Company Vintage Book, by scrappantry

Rand McNally & Company Vintage Book

I have a soft spot in my heart for children’s books. Books are the foundation of imaginative thinking, and kids have an infinite amount of imagination that should be nurtured and encouraged. When I asked my three year old nephew what he wanted to be when he grows up, he replied “A rocket scientist”. This beautifully illustrated vintage book “A Trip In Space”, will inspire young minds to dream of life beyond borders and limitations. As cliché as it may sound, children really are the future.


If you loved or felt inspired by any of these items, feel free to comment or share this post!

Perhaps tonight is the perfect night to look up at the sky and do a little stargazing. You never know what magical wonders you may witness. It just might inspire you!

Featured item: Space Shuttle Launch Vinyl Wall Decal by WilsonGraphics.

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