Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts Every Couple Will Love

It's that time of the year again when people declare their love for one another with Hallmark cards and trimmed roses. Why not ditch the mass-produced cards and bouquets that'll wilt in a few days and give a gift that actually means something?

Here are some fun Valentine's Day gifts that you and your partner will love. Click the photos to shop!

Share A Pizza Phone Case, by caseyard

For the couple that likes to dine in style. This shared pizza phone case is a fun gift idea, especially if it brings up memories of a romantic date night that you and your significant other shared (pizza and Netflix, anyone?).

Big Spoon Little Spoon Couple Pillowcase, by rkgraceprints

To get the spooning right once and for all... this big spoon little spoon pillowcase will sort out all future arguments of who's spooning who!

Free Engraving Diamond Promise Rings, by JaneLoveRings

Update your couple rings with this beautiful diamond set. You can customize them with personalized engravings to give it a more special touch.

Personalized Tablet Cookbook Stand, by Handmade4Ever

Here's something you can share with your partner! A handmade tablet stand that's perfect for your electronic devices. You can personalize it with your family name (and it's perfect for those nights when you want to cook dinner together! TEAM EFFORT!).

Eco-Friendly Soap Saver Sack for Him and Her, by ThoughtfulGems

If you and your partner are in need of some quality alone time, why not take a relaxing spa bath together? Don't forget to get some fragrant soaps and bath bombs while you're at it. Keep your soaps fresh and long-lasting with ThoughtfulGem's eco-friendly soap saver so you can have special baths throughout the year.

Custom Couple Cartoon Portrait, by LiliDiPrima

Cartoon-ify you and your loved one with a custom cartoon portrait by LiliDiPrima! It's a fun little gift to see yourselves in cartoon form and will look great framed and hung on the wall.

2 Face Custom Portrait, by HelonArt

Or... go for an artwork that's a little more realistic! HelonArt draws some fantastic portraits that'll really capture your likeness.


I hope you enjoyed these thoughtful gift ideas! Of course, showing love for your partner should be a daily thing (but it is nice to get spoiled once in a while, and Valentine's Day is a nice reminder to do so).

Are you a big celebrator of Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments!

Have a love-filled day! 😊

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